Trakrok ATV Trike Concept


trakrok atv trike concept
Trakrok ATV Trike Concept, This TrakRok concept is a good all-terrain trike vehicle taking a totally brand new different design alternative regarding most season off-road flexibility. The TrakRok vehicle comes within a trike type compared with the traditional quad, the trike set up allows to get two wheels in the front direct driven individually by electrical engines. The 3rd propulsion derivative, is a primary driven independent track method which over shadows snowmobile programs as an many time application, it uses super charged electrical engines to move the segmented rubber track plates, enabiling optimum traction within mud and snow with torque power unlike the quad wheel counterpart. The complete system is powered by sustainable renewable energy using hydrogen fuel cell technology. The fuel cells have reached the center belly of the vehicle lowering the core of gravity. The fuel cell cluster is liquid cooled by 2 big radiator content in the front side of the vehicle, apart from menacing aesthetics the content supply sufficient cooling as well as in casing security for the fuel cells via harsh environment.

trakrok atv trike concept2
trakrok atv trike concept3
trakrok atv trike concept4
trakrok atv trike concept5
trakrok atv trike concept6
trakrok atv trike concept7
trakrok atv trike concept8
trakrok atv trike concept9
trakrok atv trike concept10
trakrok atv trike concept11
trakrok atv trike concept12
trakrok atv trike concept13
Design by Alexei Mikhailov


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