Xi Super Yacht Concept by Jan Gielens

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Xi Super Yacht Concept
Xi Super Yacht Concept by Jan Gielens – An innovative and exceptional design of Xi super luxury yacht is brought to you by way of a Spanish industrial custom, Jan Gielens. This concept may be the result of the designer’s Thirty years research and investigation on energy. Xi super yacht has been designed with extraordinary aero as well as hydro dynamic qualities that will contribute to its superb, unknown navigation behavior, comfort, safety, steadiness, steer ability, maneuverability and unusual high speeds.
If you take a close look to this yacht, you’ll obtain the tips of the wings are pivoting, thus temporarily limiting the width with the hydrofoils. This means a airport parking spot will be effortlessly found at the harbour since the volume is fixed when mooring.
The artist is not interested in commercializing Xi super yacht, but rather offers to sell the technologies and wishes to go on making new aspects and designs.
Xi Super Yacht Concept 2

Xi Super Yacht Concept 3 Xi Super Yacht Concept 4 Xi Super Yacht Concept 5

Technical details :
Dimensions: Width: 30 m.
Length: 41 m.
High: 7,80 m.
Air propellers.

Xi Super Yacht Concept 6
Design by Jan Gielens


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