Choc Mate Chocolate Thermos Concept by Cameran Snelgar

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On September 3, 2017
Last modified:February 23, 2012


Choc Mate Chocolate Thermos
Choc Mate Chocolate Thermos Concept by Cameran Snelgar transforms your traditional stainless steel thermos vacuum cleaner flask that you normally use to hold liquids into a thermos regarding chocolate. It protects your own precious chocolate blocks and bars although maintaining the ideal temperature to maintain the chocolate at its best. The actual compact shape and size makes Choc Mate a great ideal container to carry about, you can slide it in along with out of your backpack or even purse with ease, in addition it’s really comfortable in order to hold.

2012 Design Choc Mate Chocolate Thermos
Your body of Choc Mate is an elliptical cylinder, this kind of form body design could be the result of a fine balancing act between possessing enough room for your vacuum sealed wall room and catering in order to different sized chocolate although being compact. The particular silicone lid on best functions being a seal as well as any soft grip for straightforward access once you reaching this thermos within your backpack or purse. This would be fantastic to have this kind of concept Choc Mate commercially available, however for today, you just need to eat you chocolate just before it melts.

Chocolate Thermos Choc Mate Cameran Snelgar

Cameran Snelgar Choc Mate Chocolate Thermos Concept
Design by Cameran Snelgar


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