Citroen Taranis Car Concept by Peter Norris

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Citroen Taranis Car Concept by Peter Norris
To all off-road racers, this particular futuristic Citroen Taranis should be your perfect machine. Designed by Philip Norris, this two-seater off-road vehicle can be powered by electric powered motors that are located within each controls hub that lower its center involving gravity and tremendously improve handling. Your name Taranis is removed from the Celtic God of Thunder or wheel-god, invest the a look at how impressive the design of Taranis, you probably accept the name. This God is often described with a thunderbolt on one hand plus a wheel on the other. Considering that Citroen Taranis has been designed with large outboard double-jointed wheel set-up, it would have a big footprint, pretty intimidating presence yet it includes generous travel within the suspension. The double-jointed top swing arms help to reduce what would otherwise be a massive turning circle. Exactly what set Citroen Taranis design besides other concepts would be its luxury finished combined with a unique design and gullwing doors.

Design by Peter Norris


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