DingBackpack Tripod for Photographer Concept by Zhang Jinyu

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On September 25, 2017
Last modified:February 26, 2012


DingBackpack Tripod for Photographer
DingBackpack Tripod for Photographer Concept by Zhang Jinyu uses a tripod while its internal structural frame. Your tripod’s extremities emerge from the backpack shell, consequently it can be readily expanded and also used. This arrangement has several benefits: it can be a comfortable method to carry the tripod; the tripod creates a stiff frame which provides protection to be able to valuable photographic products within the backpack; as well as there is no need for the larger secondary bag in which to carry the tripod.

Zhang Jinyu DingBackpack Tripod for Photographer Concept
Furthermore, your backpack itself provides any steadying weight in the event the tripod is in use. The photographer’s equipment (like a flash or a special lens) can be within straightforward reach. Ding also gives the use of a new monopod, which is fixed simply by a lock catch that could be conveniently disassembled. This particular gives the photographer the flexibility to adapt to changing shooting situations.
Design by Zhang Jinyu for red dot award


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