Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair Concept by Jack Martinich


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On September 21, 2017
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Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair
Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair Concept by Jack Martinich is a powered mobility device designed to satisfy the lifestyle specifications of our aging population. Mobi reflects the long term of products to have an aging population. Stylish and convenient, that offers urban mobility option to bulky, generic electrical scooters. For added versatility, the design of the wheelchair features the innovative folding mechanism which allows it to be folded upward and saved and transported in a vehicle with out any will need for disassembly. To be able to encourage user independence and also promote the user to become physically active, Mobi electric powered folding wheelchair is manipulated similarly to a traditional guide wheelchair; the user pushes for the hand wheels. However, force sensors within the hand rims detect the user’s physical exertion and also add more power to the added wheels. This indicates Mobi makes physical movement easier in a similar fashion in order to power steering in a vehicle.

2012 Medical Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair
This electric wheelchair incorporates self-balancing Segway-inspired technology that positions in which keeps the user inside the centre of gravity although balancing on 2 wheels. The particular elimination of the need to have for castor added wheels leads for you to more compact and also manoeuvrable vehicle. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the actual electric servo motors located within the base of every of the hubless trolley wheels, giving Mobi a new range involving approx. 20km with one charge.

Futuristic Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair Concept
Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair Concept features various other notable design innovations meant to make assisted movement any more pleasurable as well as confident experience. The wheelchair features bigger, 26” tyres regarding improved comfort. Integrated handrest/wheel guards protect the actual users’s clothing from tyres. Wider ergonomic pushrims additionally allow a good easier grip. To improve user confidence along with safety automatic kickstands deploy when footrests are shifted upwards even though standing out of or perhaps sitting into the seat.

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Jack Martinich Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair Concept
Design by Jack Martinich


3 Responses

  1. Victoria McFadzean

    02/03/2013, 02:33 pm

    Is this available for purchase in the U.K? My brother in law suffers from M.S and is looking for a wheelchair that is cool and compact. This looks perfect!
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Victoria McFadzean

  2. Barry McArthur

    02/03/2013, 02:58 pm

    I suffer from MS and I have poor mobility so I would like to find out the cost of the Tech chair?


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