Peugeot VELV Car Concept

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Peugeot VELV Concept 01
The electric powertrain has a 20 kW output and, combined with a total weight of 650 kg, allows to reach a range of 100 km, a top speed of 110 km/h and an energy consumption of just 85 Wh per km – an environmental footprint equivalent to that of a train trip.

Inside, the information system indicates in real time the car’s autonomy and identifies the charging stations in the available range.

Targeted to corporate fleet and rental companies, as well as to private urban commuters, the VELV was developed by PSA Group in partnership with a pool of industries.
Peugeot VELV Concept 06

Peugeot VELV Concept 07 Peugeot VELV Concept 08 Peugeot VELV Concept 09

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