Strider Mark VII Futuristic Bike Concept

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Strider MarkVII Bike
Strider Mark VII Futuristic Bike Concept – Strider Mark VII Futuristic Bike Concept came straight rid of a plethora of visual suggestions of Rob Gilesritter. This Sci-Fi vehicle has been designed with only a single wheel as an attempt to break down the principle of the designer’s idea of exactly what a futuristic bike will want to look like. This motorcycle balances its weight about the rear with the use of a range of hovering pads (permanent magnet fields that produces anti-gravitational effects). The mounting position and the greater flow of the vehicle’s shape is to blend the art of riding a bike with the art involving horse riding, the saddle segment of Strider Mark VII is usually mimics a horse’s again, crowned by a sturdy looking hood. The main suspension system from the tyre from which two hardware arms protrude, belt the wheel’s case. These arms are made and rigged simultaneously to permit free rotation on its three axes, hence, making the steering wheel turns whilst remaining in its structure.
Strider MarkVII Bike 2

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Strider MarkVII Bike 9
Design by Rob Gilesritter


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