2nd Buddy Fish Identification System Concept by Claudia Wißerodt

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On October 5, 2017
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2nd Buddy Fish Identification System Concept
2nd Buddy Fish Identification System Concept by Claudia Wißerodt is a fish identification system for scuba divers. The particular system helps scuba divers to distinguish and learn with regards to different varieties of fish. At the same time, this alerts divers to dangers involving certain underwater species. Based on the dive site scuba divers are exposed to a vast as well as tremendous marine diversity. 2nd Buddy has been created for scuba divers associated with all ages with Open Water Diver licenses to Red Sea area. The identification involving fish involves matching the particular real fish to be able to its illustration on the card. Employing 2nd Buddy, divers can place together a customised set involving fish identification cards from the total of thirty-six different cards displayed over a modular wall system. A new set of credit cards can be threaded over a reclosable beaded chain, which can be clipped with a carabiner to their diving gear. The optimal size from the cards, and the magnificent stability, offer even any single-handed appliance of the system underwater. This way the particular diver’s hands can be stored free during the dive and the set regarding cards might be skimmed through any time required.

red dot award 2nd Buddy Fish Identification System
The technique consists of a modular wall system, the box to retailer the fastening material, a good accompanying app for smartphones and also a neoprene packaging with regard to transportation or to use this as a gift package. Your accompanying app is an ideal way regarding identifying fish using characteristics including body shape, colour, pattern, caudal fin and fishmouth. The actual app is designed to show fish along with similar characteristics. The search function makes it feasible to uncover each fish with all the numerical code about the back in the card. Detailed information concerning fish is obtainable in the app. The underwater Scuba Diving Fish Identification System will be novel, innovative, functional and unrivalled in its appearance. The item is UV-resistant, saltwater-proof and rustproof to reduce any loss of colouring as well as general degradation of the materials.

Claudia Wißerodt 2nd Buddy Fish Identification System Concept
Design by Claudia Wißerodt for red dot award


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