Air Dumbbell Concept by Kim Minsoon

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On October 6, 2017
Last modified:February 24, 2012


Air Dumbbell Concept
Air Dumbbell Concept by Kim Minsoon is a good inflatable water-exercise device whose buoyancy may be adjusted. It therefore allows a new full range associated with exercise intensity. Along with the particular elderly, people undergoing physical rehabilitation are generally often prescribed together with water-exercise regimes. The water cushions the impact of movements around the joints, and allows a gentler muscular workout. With regard to people experiencing ache, decreased bone density, or even injuries, exercising inside the water is safer plus much more comfortable than land-based exercise.

red dot award Air Dumbbell Concept Kim Minsoon
Different devices exist to aid people together with their water exercises, yet none of all of them allow for adjustments to the exercise intensity. Your Air Dumbbell allows the particular user to determine a good appropriate degree of buoyancy (and also thus resistance) by filling your device with more as well as less air. Thus, a full range regarding exercise intensity is feasible with a one device. Use of the Air Dumbbell is simple and intuitive; the actual user inflates it by simply pressing the air pump, and also deflates it through pressing the discharge button.
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