AnguiS Camera Stand Concept by Alex Sandulescu

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On October 31, 2017
Last modified:April 10, 2012


AnguiS Camera Stand
AnguiS Camera Stand Concept by Alex Sandulescu was inspired by snakes flexible bodies that will help them to climb trees, explore narrow spaces easily. The word AnguiS itself implies snake in latin, it’s a camera stand in which works on the same principle associated with snake’s body. Basically it’s a plastic coated metal base curve together with ability to be bent in any direction and strong enough for you to hold your electronic digital camera in different positions. You can create your own shape to be able to fit different environment: portrait, landscape, or perhaps hanging.

2012 AnguiS Camera Stand Concept Concept AnguiS Camera Stand Alex Sandulescu AnguiS Camera Stand Concept Tripod AnguiS Camera Stand Concept

Design AnguiS Camera Stand
Design by Alex Sandulescu


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