Citroen Tubik

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Citroen Tubik Front
The design lines involving Citroen Tubik are a nod on the Citroen TUB (from the France acronym for lower front-wheel drive commercial car or truck) and its ingenious up grade, the Citroen Type L, whose versatility and style made it a best-seller of their times (half a million units in 34 many years on the market). Sporting an identical body shape to it’s illustrious predecessor, Tubik is big enough (2.08m wide, 2.05m tall, 4.80m lengthy) to carry up to 9 passengers. Citroen design teams gave Tubik distinctive, offbeat style, with colors and materials in which aim to meet the greatest standards in class and comfort. To make travel enjoyable again, Citroen Tubik produces a lounge-style cocoon dedicated to comfort and also relaxation. The lift-up seats have been designed in away to enable them to always be arranged in many different techniques (semi-reclined, face-to-face, etc.), and the on the machine technology (including a giant, semi-circular screen, and high-definition spatialized audio) turns the vacation cabin into an area with regard to living and expressing. The journey becomes as critical as the destination.
Citroen Tubik 2

Citroen Tubik 3 Citroen Tubik 4 Citroen Tubik 5 Citroen Tubik Interior Citroen Tubik Side

Citroen Tubik Team
Design by Laurent Nivalle


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