Citroen UFO by Ora Ito

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Citroen UFO by Ora Ito
Do you still keep in mind Evomobil project from Ora ito? This time around, the designer thought we would design other element to join the initial task. Citroen UFO design ended up being inspired by the legendary car from Citroen, the continuity of their imagination allows increase in numbers actions and creates an additional reflection to the active Evomobil. The famous Nintendo ds model that was popular by the president is currently registered into the innate transformations from Ora-Ito creative vision. Citroen UFO will depend on the future transportation combined with one of the most famous vehicles in the world. As you can see from your images here, Citroen Unidentified flying object sculpture combines the actual dream of the official and futuristic traveling into one.

Design by Ora Ito


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