DON-8r Fundraising Robot

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don8r fundraising robot
Why do I’d trust giving my money to some cute robot before an individual? Have a look at DON-8r (pronounced donator) & you will see the reason. This gold coin-powered fundraiser robot is really a friendly little guy who only requires a passer-by to nick in so he is able to move. DON-8r has already been at the office in Scotland, raising money and awareness by encouraging playful and understanding support by engaging other people inside a fun and memorable way. Made to be renamed to match different non profit organizations, I’m able to certainly check this out catching on… and I’m all for this. (Doesn’t include defense lasers or anti-thievery forcefield.)
don8r fundraising robot2
don8r fundraising robot3
don8r fundraising robot4

Design by Tim Pryde


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