RECG Watch Design Concept by Peter Fletcher

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On October 3, 2017
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RECG Watch
RECG Watch Design Concept by Peter Fletcher

Peter says:
“This is RECG (Rotational Electrocardiogram). The inspiration for this design is a heart rate monitor or ecg. I have seen other concepts before using similar inspiration but all seemed to have a very abstract time telling method. I wanted to use an easy recognisable time telling method using off the shelf technologies.

The watch is essentially a conventional analouge watch, the hands in this case have been replaced by disks with glass arrow shaped cutouts. The outward facing arrow displays the minutes and the inward facing arrow displays the hours. The time is read in a conventional manner.

The two arrows look like they are connected by a glass “gap” and when backlit look like an ecg. The backlight is supplied by a ring shaped array of LEDs that pulse in a circular motion to give the ecg effect. The watch could be fitted with a heart rate sensor to display the wearers heart rate via the pulse of the LEDS. This may be useful for fitness freaks! (If the LED backlight was difficult to produce a coloured disk powered by the seconds drive of the analogue movement behind the hand disks would give a similar effect.)

The pulse effect gives the watch a very dramatic effect that hopefully will apeal to a wide audience. The time telling method is conventional so should appeal to traditionalists. The addition of the heart rate monitor may attract sporty people and hyper-condriacts! lol

This watch designs stands out due to its dramatic look, entertaining animation and conventional time telling method. The watch is based on conventional technologies that should allow it to be commercialy viable.”

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Peter Fletcher RECG Watch Design Concept
Design by Peter Fletcher


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