Taste Transforming & Saving Device Concept by Dr.Tu Jui-Che

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On October 18, 2017
Last modified:February 24, 2012


Taste Transforming Saving Device Concept
Taste Transforming & Saving Device Concept by Dr.Tu Jui-Che encourages people to be able to drink bottled water by changing its flavour because it passes through a mouthpiece. Nearly all people such as to drink sugary drinks given that they cannot resist the particular taste temptation, although they will know they may be not the particular healthiest of beverages. Taste Transforming & Saving Unit not merely promotes the drinking regarding bottled water; it can in addition help diabetic individuals and children enjoy drinking water a lot more. It transforms the taste of bottled water.

This kind of product is actually divided into about three parts: bottle lid, mouthpiece, as well as photocatalyst. The diameter in the bottle lid suits most mineral water bottles. The actual mouthpiece contains little particles that change your taste of the water and also provide distinct flavours. Lastly, your photocatalyst can sterilise the actual water immediately. It is envisioned that this product can be sold inside supermarkets.
Design by Dr.Tu Jui-Che for red dot award


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