WaterRing Rubber Tube Concept by Fu Yu Jen

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On October 3, 2017
Last modified:February 24, 2012


WaterRing Rubber Tube Concept
WaterRing Rubber Tube Concept by Fu Yu Jen is a soft rubber tube that characteristics as an exercise bodyweight when filled along with water. Our increasingly busy lives depart less period for sporting activities and exercise, leading for the possibility that the muscle and bone well being may degenerate. Water Ring has already been designed to help make regular bodybuilding exercises convenient, no matter our own location. Water Ring Tube can be worn around the wrist or ankle area, or held in one’s hand. It can be employed for several exercise motions that develop the particular arm, leg, and abdomen muscles. Its softness could reduce the pain that traditional dumbbells might trigger. While the idea requires fewer resources than dumbbells with regard to its production, Water Ring also gets the advantage of portability. While emptied, its light weight and small volume enable it to get conveniently packed in one’s operate bag or suitcase.
Design by Fu Yu Jen from Asia University for red dot award


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