X Watch Design Concept by Zoltan

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On October 4, 2017
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X Watch
X Watch Design Concept by Zoltan

Zoltan says:
“I wanted to create an uniquely shaped watch with minimal design. This is the “X Watch”. It displays the time in 24 hours and has an always-on LCD display.

The top sections represent the hours, the bottom sections represent the minutes, left side is tens right side is ones. Each square means one unit in the decimal number system, zero is displayed as nothing. When the clock shows midnight the whole display is blank and only the center is blinking.

At the center of the X is a blinking square to indicate that the watch is in operational mode. It’s also a touch sensitive part, that switches on the backlight. This design would be perfect for anyone who loves simple but unique design.”

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2012 X Watch Design
Design by Zoltan


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