Art Detector For Graphic Designer Concept by Arman Emami

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On November 9, 2017
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Art Detector For Graphic Designer
Art Detector For Graphic Designer Concept by Arman Emami is a tool regarding graphic designers. It recognises font types and sizes, in addition to colours. Recognising typefaces is not constantly easy. Naturally there are several very well-known and thus very easily identifiable fonts. However, you’ll find also countless unknown ones that are usually very challenging to distinguish from each other. The particular Art Detector is a font as well as colour recognition tool for graphic designers. It possesses a scanner feature on the bottom. Once the device is activated and pointed from printed text or a screen, this system vectorises the pixel info recorded by the scanner, analyses the idea, and compares it with the offered information inside the database. It determines the most likely (and/or comparable) font type as well as size.

2012 Art Detector For Graphic Designer red dot award
The system can in addition be utilized to analyse and save colour beliefs. The procedure is the same since with font recognition; right after the Art Detector can be briefly pointed at the desired area, it determines your available colour valuations and equivalent colour forms like CMYK, HKS, as well as Pantone. It is additionally possible to integrate additional capabilities like screen calibration.

AmamiDesign Art Detector For Graphic Designer Arman Emami
Design by Arman Emami (Emami Design) for red dot award


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