Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot Concept by Massimo Battaglia

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Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot
Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot drew attention from many practitioners. Massimo Battaglia has come way up with interesting scenario for the calendar year of 2020 where obesity inside developed countries would still be the big issue. Adults and young people do not maintain good equilibrium between their body as well as food, they don’t actually care about their properly being regardless they are aware of the problem. They will don’t have the willpower to at the very least try to regain control associated with their lives, they favor to use shortcuts that in the end are usually proven ineffective. Overweight just isn’t only a health problem, it could also be the issue when it comes to social along with working relationship. There are solutions that promise you instant consequence, however nothing beats the strong will to have a new healthy lifestyle. You will will need a trainer that allow you to to control along with correct your negative behaviors, give anyone the courage to keep your current exercise routine to stay healthy along with fit. Presented at ICSR 2011 design award.

ICSR 2011 Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot
In the long term, thank you to electric automotive market, there will be wonderful improvements in lithium batteries. They will be a lot smaller, durable and also economic, thus making the actual robotic technologies become more advanced and affordable. Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot stays with you, 24 hours a day to teach you how to take a good care of yourself, about both food as well as physical side. When you feel lazy, Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot will encourage that you do physical activity, just like a actual personal trainer. This robot tracks your own health record to tailor the physical activity program that match you best, this specific robot will show you how to do the particular exercise properly. This robot is actually more than just your current personal trainer, Gymbot evaluates your pulse and health in true time to reduce any undue stress. Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot has the ability to be able to quantify your progress and is actually able to understand exactly what and how much you ought to eat in order to give advice upon proper diet. This specific robot is an innovative method to prevent a lot of health issues, it might help you to tackle your own laziness, it corrects your bad habits.

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Massimo Battaglia Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot
Design by Massimo Battaglia


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