Landscape Superyacht Concept by Jun Han Song

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Landscape Superyacht
Designer Jun Han Song informs us that this Landscape might have a wider column than any other tremendous yacht to provide the actual widest amount of space for awesome activities. A staircase surrounds the main deck creating the island-like “Landscape” feel for the boat. Staircases along the sides of the boat provide a similar effect. The canopy is coupled to the masts to protect the people from weather, on the other hand an outdoor shower is actually attached for people who’ve swam and also would like a non-saltwater bathtub. The canopy furthermore serves as lighting so there can be parties upon into the night. The particular bridges on the higher and main deck are connected by way of a spiral staircase pertaining to quick changes from outdoors to in for the sailor hitting quick bad temperature.

Canopy Landscape Superyacht Concept
The entire boat transforms. Not into a automatic robot, but for more submersion. Inside boat there are normal water tanks that complete on your command creating the vessel to immerse like a submarine. As soon as the boat is lower, the staircases slide lower mimicking a sand beach allowing drinking water accessibility and ocean interaction. Also once submerged, the vessel releases two soft docks (7.5m x 3m times 2m) which can be slid out from the fishing boat. The Landscape luxury boat gets around in wind power and also solar power. Wind simply by sailing and by utilizing Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) perfectly located at the masts. These turbines make electric energy from the wind flow whether the boat is at rest or wind-surfing. This energy enable you to propel the yacht or to power lights and other electronics on the boat. The solar power is collected through many solar panels located round the ship: the top top of the upper forward terrace, the staircase, along with the canopy.
VAWTs Landscape Superyacht Concept

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Turbines Landscape Superyacht Electric
Design by Jun Han Song


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