Nanophea Robot Vacuum Cleaner Concept by Zaier Jihed

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Nanophea Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Nanophea Robot Vacuum Cleaner Concept by Zaier Jihed is a domestic floor cleaning robot, futuristic, autonomous and also very intelligent. It’s not just like the other existing robotic cleaners because it works only on nano surfaces covering having a very little amount of water. This unit uses nano-technology to generate cleaning easier in the long term. The Nanophea design itself was inspired from the lotus leaf. Nanophea diffuses the water as well as spread it around, these kinds of bright pearl-liked water drops attract dust particles which then sucked in to the receptacle. This cycle repeats itself using the exact same water which has been filtered. Nanophea merely measures 12 centimeters (4,7″) in height, thus allow it to shift freely under furniture such as your sofa or bed. This robotic vacuum cleaner cleaner is equipped with a smart scanner at the front of its body for you to detect a dirty area. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Nanophea Robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return in order to its charging station when it runs out of power, thanks to its infrared sensor.
Vacuum Cleaner Nanophea Robot

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Robot Nanophea Vacuum Cleaner Concept
Design by Zaier Jihed


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    Dear Editor:

    First all sorry for my terrible english. My name is Paloma and I run a website that deals with robots for helping people to cook.
    I liked the article and the idea that robots will make life easier. I also found very sincere and not trying to "sell" how easy it will be incorporating new technologies in robots into everyday life.

    Thank you very much for the valuable information shared and allowing express freely my leave by sending a cordial greeting.


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