Synchronic Walking Assistant Concept by Markus Kurkowski

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Synchronic Walking Assistant
Synchronic Walking Assistant is the result involving various, subjective technological interpretations of the anatomical & physiological archetype from the human stride as well as the particular desire to create an entirely fresh mode of assistance. The device’s synchronized movement makes it possible to establish permanent assistance in a very comfortable position while offering person adjustment to each user’s unique requires whether it end up being physical therapy or simply additional stability.The pattern of movement will be encouraged in a dynamic way, easing the particular weight placed upon joints even though enhancing both joint mobility and muscle activity. This kind of, in combination with innate harmony exercise and an upright positioning of the user, offers enhanced versatility to above rehabilitation.

Design Synchronic Walking Assistant Concept Synchronic Walking Assistant Rehabilitation

Markus Kurkowski Synchronic Walking Assistant
Design by Markus Kurkowski


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