Timeless Capture Camera Concept by Brian Matanda

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On November 28, 2017
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Timeless Capture Camera
Timeless Capture Camera Concept by Brian Matanda wants us for you to slowdown and virtually smell the roses before all of us take a picture of which. Our focus is actually on tech-specs, angle shots and apps that add artificial fashion. In a way the ‘subject’ individuals photography looses its relevance. So let’s re-focus on the artwork of photography, one more thing this camera is a combination of sand blasted aluminum and slick teak and ‘strong archetypal variety to produce a timeless aesthetic.

2012 Design Timeless Capture Camera Concept
How it works:

  • The product is in two parts, a camera and a viewer.
  • The captured images are immediately downloaded directly to the viewer wirelessly once the camera is in close proximity.
  • It is also the sole access point to the images, as the camera has no LCD display. Through the use of a touch screen interface, the user is able to view the images as and when they choose.
  • With limited storage capacity, the user is encouraged to take control of the content thereby making the experience arbitrary.
Disposable Timeless Capture Camera Concept Wooden Timeless Capture Camera Concept Design

Brian Matanda Timeless Capture Camera Concept
Design by Brian Matanda


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