A50 Open Catamaran Concept by Janne Leppanen

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A50 Open Catamaran
A50 open catamaran can be a design concept from Finland industrial designer, Janne Leppanen, within their graduation work. The main idea wound up being to create a catamaran which has the ability to accommodate three or four people and be as eco-friendly as you can. This concept features 50-foot extended open catamaran where the letter A inside the title was inspired with this particular designer previous concept, Arkki. It utilizes Esthec composite deck since it fits well suited for this type of boat, another materials and technology are actually carefully completed to satisfy eco conscious consumers’ demands. Unlike Arkki, this boat remains particularly produced for day cruising or longer trip, because of this it features bigger open space. The Two cabin rental fees might be accustomed to accommodate around four people. With A50 open catamaran, you manage to personalize its characteristics for instance identifying how a deck, sun bathing area or perhaps the cabin rental fees are made. Really, you may even choose the way the boat would appear like, you’ll have the freedom to choose from many versions offered the composite deck company. The most effective part of A50 open catamaran works as cell surface to attain extra solar energy. The electrical engines together with other system might be situated beneath the rear deck which gives excellent space with this particular boat system.

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Janne Leppanen A50 Open Catamaran Concept
Design by Janne Leppanen


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