AMOEBA Modular USB Flash Drive Concept by Song Hyun Soo

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On December 13, 2017
Last modified:February 25, 2012


AMOEBA Modular USB Flash Drive
AMOEBA Modular USB Flash Drive Concept by Song Hyun Soo is a modular USB flash drive with file integration and separation features appropriate as needed. As the capacity of USB memory increases, partitioning is actually needed in order to organise files. Multiple categories of files (including official certificates, documents, photos, movies, and tunes) may be kept in a USB flash push. As USB sticks are often contributed among various users, there is the possibility that personal info may be compromised, lost, or stolen. A broad assortment of files can be easily managed with all the category-based, partitioned amoeba. Without separate folder organisation, amoeba merchants files in respective categories, which saves the user from unnecessary browsing. Thanks to file integration and separation characteristics, users can separate files as needed to be able to share these with others, while setting aside personal information with regard to privacy.
Design by Song Hyun Soo for red dot award


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