eleMMent Vehicle Concept by Marchi Mobile

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eleMMent Vehicle
Marchi Mobile is showing an exclusive limited a lot of world class recreational vehicle sequence called eleMMent, featuring a distinctive combination of yachting, aviation and motor sports aspects. The futuristic and also extraordinary design of the particular RV has been reached through contemporary elements uniting in a beneficial way. The cutting edge design along with fantastic combination of exterior coloration has given the automobiles a notable streamlined appearance. Besides, the windshield as well as the driver’s pickup’s cab is something you have never even imagined. The interior provides you with baroque stylistic elements of Austrian-Italian interior buildings that gives the riders a unique experience of luxurious, comfort and elegance. Operated by a 510hp, automatic tranny engine, the Twelve meter long car can produce sensible speed for long distance transportation.
Side eleMMent Vehicle

Back eleMMent Vehicle Concept Concept eleMMent Vehicle Design eleMMent Vehicle eleMMent Vehicle Concept Front eleMMent Vehicle Concept Interior eleMMent Vehicle Marchi Mobile eleMMent Vehicle

Premium eleMMent Vehicle
Design by Marchi Mobile


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