Futuristic Art Watch Design Concept by Sascha

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On December 3, 2017
Last modified:May 1, 2012


Futuristic Art Watch Design
Futuristic Art Watch Design Concept by Sascha

Sascha says:
“The idea for this watch design arose from my intention to buy a new futuristic watch. I started thinking about the attributes that I personally set value on, and after some thoughts I began working a timepiece I would love to wear myself, whereat I focused on light and not being minimalistic.

The design I chose is basically an enhanced, restructured and conciliated form of the “standard” variant of sci-fi-themed watches. Depending on the certain LED that is activated (minutes) or not activated (hours), the user is able to read the time and date without much effort.

I think the design mostly goes with people who like a modern and futuristic style while appreciating a balanced relation of playfulness and seriousness.

As mentioned before, I tried to achieve a “feel of substance” (which means that the watch is not restricted to only a few LEDs, but uses the whole space given) and to combine that with a certain kind of heraldic layout, which results in a “closed” piece of art.”

Sascha Futuristic Art Watch Design Concept

2012 TokyoFlash Futuristic Art Watch Design Concept
Design by Sascha


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