Inside-Out LCD Watch Concept by Heather Sable

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On December 17, 2017
Last modified:May 7, 2012


Inside-Out LCD Watch Concept by Heather Sable

Heather says:
After designing the digits for my n-gon display concept, I found that I could make digits similar to those that would stack well, since they have no middle.

I thought it would be fun to have the time read from the inside-out, since it allows a changing look to the display every minute, and because it allows for a descriptive and catchy name, “Inside-out”.

The digits themselves are quite easy to distinguish. With a brief overview, all one needs to do is identify the differences between the 1 and the 7, and the rest should come naturally.

The sleek square display is a mirrored LCD with one color, and comes with a SS strap.

This is intended as a unisex design that would be appropriate for anyone who likes a digital display with a cryptic element.

This design stands out because it looks artistic and eye-catching before anyone even realizes it can also tell you the time.

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Design by Heather Sable [via]


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