Kickboxer Diesel Motorcycle Concept by Ian McElroy

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Kickboxer Motorcycle
Ian McElroy says making the particular engine fit ended up being relatively easy, but actually is well liked decided to differentiate the particular diesel bike in the original with brand-new bodywork, swingarms, and a diverse turbo layout. After that, just for fun, he realized with all of that diesel engine power available, have you thought to all wheel drive? So he upset a second design along with power going to both wheels. The standard bicycle features lightweight amalgamated bodywork, under couch radiator, front attached intercooler, LED lighting, as well as under engine turbocharger. To the AWD version power will be transmitted to the top wheel by way of two chains, a jack shaft, idler sprocket, and a drive axle with a U-joint.
Motorcycle Kickboxer Diesel

Concept Kickboxer Diesel Motorcycle Design Kickboxer Diesel Motorcycle Diesel Kickboxer Motorcycle

Ian McElroy Kickboxer Diesel Motorcycle
Design by Ian McElroy


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