Permutation LCD Watch Concept by Logan Design

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On December 15, 2017
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Permutation Watch
Permutation LCD Watch Concept by Logan Design

Logan says:
Permutation connects random pairs of clock positions with thick LCD lines. The intersections of the six lines break them into smaller LCD pieces, which are inverted to display the time.

The “hours hand” is a small inverted segment starting from the normal clock position, and the “(groups of 5) minutes hand” is a long inverted segment. Four additional small segments near 3 o’clock count extra minutes. An arrow-shaped additional segment near 9 o’clock appears when the alarm is set and blinks when the watch is in date mode.

TokyoFlash Permutation LCD Watch Concept 2012 Permutation LCD Watch Design

Logan Design Permutation Watch Concept
Design by Logan Design [via]


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