Photon LED Watch Concept by Firdaus

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On December 18, 2017
Last modified:May 7, 2012


Photon LED Watch
Photon LED Watch Concept by Firdaus

Firdaus says:
Came up with this idea after reading some articles about photon light, then I remembered EL wire, browsed the internet, watched Youtube videos, read about them and I have a good display for a watch with “photon light” theme.

The time telling for this design is a struggle at first, but thanks for some tutorial and article about EL wires and finally I had managed to utilize time telling as we have on Kisai Night Vision (which is awesome too) for this watch design. Please see the animation for the visual.

Personally I myself really want to wear this watch, so I guess other people like me would like to have photon light on their wrist too!

Photon is a very good theme. Futuristic, scientific, a little bit clinical-look and feasible to be manufactured. Browsing the watches page and the watch museum page, I can say that this design is suitably different to other designs that Tokyoflash has and had.

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2012 Photon LED Watch Concept
Design by Firdaus [via]


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