Radial Engine Bike Concept by Giles McWilliam

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Giles McWilliam Radial Engine Bike
The first thing like in it does not take look because it is different. I think it is not the aerodynamic, as it wants various body parts just like windshield or front and rear wings. But the Radial engine motorbike back portion will be the one which really trapped my eye. And the most critical thing is it can be a Radial engine bike. If you aren’t familiar with this type of concept, this type of engine notion is exclusive with the truth the cylinder position outer from the middle crankshaft, you must see inside bike image. Inside radial engine generally for you to thrust aircrafts, for you to get more power along with trust, before developed the jet engines. They were putting this type of engine in bike is might be close to suicide, if any inexperienced pilot journey it. And I realize this motorcycle notion is just for good looking, but the engine technologies have already been applied on motorbikes mostly on custom create choppers like Jeremy James creation or even JRL Cycles Radial Chopper.
Design by Giles McWilliam


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