Sleek 47 Foot Yacht Concept by Nantes Atlantiques

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Nantes Atlantiques Yacht
Students at L’ecole de design Nantes Atlantiques did a great job designing this specific sleek 47 foot yacht for sailing boat leader Benneteau’s European competition. The boat features a glass best that allows light in order to enter the main cabin along with the underlying rooms. A combination associated with clever storage solutions and overall super-efficient utilization involving common space make the interior the genuine highlight of this design.

Yacht Sleek 47 Foot Nantes Atlantiques Yoann Legaignoux 47 Nantes Atlantiques Yacht Concept Vincent Derrien Nantes Atlantiques 47 Foot Yacht Concept Sola Takahashi Sleek 47 Foot Yacht Concept Romain Benoit Design Nantes Atlantiques Yacht Victor Blanchard Concept Sleek 47 Foot Nantes Atlantiques Yoann Deprost

Interior Sleek 47 Foot Yacht Concept
Design by Nantes Atlantiques (Romain Benoit, Victor Blanchard, Yoann Deprost, Yoann Legaignoux, Vincent Derrien, Sola Takahashi)


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