Alfa Romeo Giulia GT50 Car Concept by GetShaped Studio

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GT50
The Alfa Romeo Giulia 50GT Concept is a design study of a modern reinterpretation of the Giulia GT designed by Bertone in the 1960s. The authors are Italian designers Michele Di Mauro e Claudio Piccioli.

The goal of the project was to reinterpret in a modern way the Giulia Sprint GT penned by Bertone, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the model as well as the Centenary of the Italian design studio.

Presented at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Giulia GT was produced for 15 years and was offered in a wide range of versions, from the entry-level 1.3 Junior to the 2000 Veloce and the racing-ready GTA and GTAM.

The GT50 Concept maintains the main proportions and shapes, adopting angular lines and clean, tight surfaces, resulting in a muscular and aggressive look.

The front end includes many of the original styling cues, from the circular headlights to the tall Alfa Romeo Badge and the typical full-width narrow air intake at the base of the hood.

Both the hood and the rear lid are framed laterally by the sharp edged of the fenders. A similar theme is carried over on the hood air opening and on the roof.

The side view is uncluttered, with a single, sharp feature line.
The lower area of the sill made more dynamic by the crisp line that defines the side skirt, which fades away in correspondence of the door panel.

The car has compact dimensions, with a length of 4.05 meters, a width of 1.88 meters and a height of just 1.19 meters, while the wheelbase is 2.42 meters long.

The Giulia GT50 Concept is powered by a 1750 TBi engine with 235 hp which allow the car to reach top speeds over 250 km/h.
The renderings present two versions: a GT-oriented model (in red) and a more sporty variant (in white and grey) with additional aerodynamic and rétro-inspired elements.

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Bertone Alfa Romeo Giulia GT50 Car Concept Design
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