Antigone 80m Yacht Concept by PamaDesign

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Antigone 80m Yacht
Antigone 80m yacht has been designed to sail across the world. The concept was born in a few minutes inside the hand of fast tract artists while the sketch ended up being made by Alessandro Pannone (even prior to the idea). Slowly, this sketch was transformed into final 3D model. With regard on the aesthetic and the composite exerior design, the company was inspired by sharp and aggressive forms. This organization has decided that this yacht will certainly not travel at high pace, therefore, instead of aiming his or her obsession toward speed, this organization set the main goal for Antigone 80m yacht would be developing a yacht that blends in harmony along with its surrounding. The color is a good essential part of your project as the color at the bottom on this superstructure highlights the transition between the actual hull and deck. The Hull has furthermore been crafted in a great attempt to harmonize the hull superstructure graft. Passengers can enjoy a large sized swimming pool located on the stern or if that they prefer, they can hangout inside the bar or do some exercises in the fitness center. The interior of Antigone 80m yacht is actually based on modern fashionable d├ęcor that features anachronistic decoration theme.

Design Antigone 80m Yacht Concept Concept Antigone 80m Yacht PamaDesign Antigone 80m Yacht Concept

3D Sketch Antigone 80m Yacht Concept
Design by Pama Design


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