ETNA Mobile Phone Concept by Maxie Pantel

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ETNA Mobile Phone Concept
ETNA Mobile Phone Concept by Maxie Pantel – ETNA Mobile Phone has designed a great eye-catching mobile phone concept. This kind of design revolves around your charger unit. The particular eye-catching opening in the middle meets two functions: storing the phone and asking for it. ETNA fits on an adapter which is blocked directly into an electrical outlet: the phone is charged via induction and an lighted, colour-coded ring on the 12v charger adapter shows the particular charging status. The actual mobile charger adapter is employed to ?hang up? the phone, lending the cell phone a permanent place in the apartment or office. With the help of the charger unit ETNA can easily be integrated into daily tasks and routines. Hanging the particular mobile phone on the charger unit becomes a every day ritual, similar to holding keys on a key hook.
ETNA Mobile Phone Concept Side
Design by Maxie Pantel


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