Fiorella Yacht Concept by Hyun Seok Kim

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Fiorella Yacht
Fiorella Yacht is a small and cute yacht for fun and casual recreation. Developed by Hyun Seok Kim, this yacht will remind you about the pleasure regarding seeing beautiful flowers that blossom and also a variety of butterflies around if you have a picnic in the park or garden. It will also remind a person about the good ol’ days if you had amusement park boat ride with the family. The industrial designer imagined people sitting about in a giant flower, gossiping, having the delicious lunch with their friends along with families. We think that’s in which Hyun Seok Kim got his inspiration for Fiorella Yacht.

Yacht Fiorella Concept
Flowers are beautiful, many of these people smell delightfully good and a lot of them have honey. Possibly that’s what Fiorella Yacht tries to found you. The exterior on this yacht looks like an egg, nevertheless when the petal structures are opened, it blossoms like a flower. There’s any table underneath the roof which can be moved upward and down and also the bed on its major deck. You can transform this bed in to a sofa when you host a celebration.

Fiorella yacht features a water jet serp and eight nozzles in which are attached to water jet management valves. This also signifies that Fiorella doesn’t have a rudder, these 8-nozzles also work as stabilizer. Nozzles with acceleration sensors and 16 petals will certainly control its balance perfectly. With regard to steering, you just need to rotate table handle and then the 8-nozzles will management the direction as the yacht moves. The under water view window is really a great feature you don’t need to miss. Passengers can enjoy spectacular underwater view in the event the bed is moved down. This particular small flower-liked yacht will definitely provide a great memory to its passengers.

Under Water Panorama View Fiorella Yacht Concept Fiorella Yacht Petal Fiorella Yacht Design Bed Table Fiorella Yacht Concept Deck Fiorella Yacht Concept Night View Fiorella Yacht Natural Fiorella Yacht Concept

Hyun Seok Kim Fiorella Yacht Concept
Design by Hyun Seok Kim


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