Fleet Street Motorcycle Concept by Nejc Brezovsek

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Fleet Street Motorcycle
The Fleet Street motorcycle is really a hybrid between naked bike, super bike and coffee shop racer. It can’t be found in any known category. The Fleet Street motorcycle continues to be created for every single day visit work, using its powerplant, it is capable of doing creating high torque and speed. Your body of the motorcycle is superbly hand made from stainless and carbon fibre components. The classic v-twin engine is incorporated inside a hi-tech plain and simple light frame, which is made for two kinds of engines, classic and electric. The demand till now was mostly for classic engines, but it’s made to take an electrical engine later on.Design Fleet Street Motorcycle Concept

Superbike Fleet Street Motorcycle Naked Bike Fleet Street Motorcycle

Nejc Brezovsek Fleet Street Motorcycle
Design by Nejc Brezovsek


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