iBoPlanet Quest Smartphone App Concept by Steven Bowen

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On January 27, 2018
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iBoPlanet Quest Smartphone App
iBoPlanet Quest Smartphone App Concept by Steven Bowen

Bowen says:
I want to create this app for everyone! However, in order to be practical, it must be designed to be functional for:

1) Forest and Park Rangers – This app would allow them to quickly identify any pertinent endangered species, relevant facts pertaining to cultivation and protection to provide to park visitors to create awareness, sense of awe, as well as information for the protection of the park visitors. And more…

2) Horticulturalists – This app would allow them to identify new species, upload them, submit them, mark them via GPS, and provide critical data back to such organizations as the USDA, UNEP, KEW, Botanical Gardens, and universities for further classification studies and data updates pertaining to existing, or, newly identified species and sub-species. And more…

3) K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate students and PhD Candidates – This app would allow these Environmental Engineering, Environmental Policy, Environmental Health Sciences, Environmental Science, Hazardous Waste Management and Public Health students, at all levels, to utilize the app for their coursework and far past their academic endeavors. And more…

4) Parents – This app would allow them to identify any relevant and pertinent facts, statistics, and information about the plant and tree life in their own backyard to make these facts known to their children. This would be useful for educating young children, creating environmental aware at a very young age, and identifying possible dangers posing as a potential threat to their children. And more…

5) Commercial & Residential Construction Site Surveyers – This app would allow them to obtiain critical data regarding site evaluations and demos to identify threats, or, possibilities of demolishing precious vegetation. And more…

6) Private and Organizational Gardeners – This app would allow them to identify, document, and classify species in their gardens, obtain information and best-practices for cultivation and even cross-breeding opportunities.

7) You…and Me – Ignorance is not bliss. Especially in an age where “going green,” environmental protection, and eco-friendly solutions to everyday living, concepts, strategies and its related technology are growing at an exponential rate. Even if by learning just a small part of our natural world during our busy lives or adventurous travels, (domestically and internationally) don’t you think it would be worth it? I do.

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Steven Bowen iBoPlanet Quest Smartphone App Concept
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