MERGE LCD Watch Concept by Heather Sable & Samuel Jerichow

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On January 26, 2018
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MERGE LCD Watch Concept by Heather Sable & Samuel Jerichow

Heather & Sam say:
The MERGE concept is based on separating the horizontal segments of digits from the vertical segments. The horizontal digit segments are always present in the display background while the vertical ones are LCD segments strategically placed in the transparent foreground.

The horizontal segments engraved in each interchangeable “flipchip” can cover any digit 0-9 in a four digit time display. This feature is necessary because this engraved layout doesn’t change – only the vertical LCD segments that complete the digits have to change. To read the display, one must simply merge the segments from the clear LCD foreground layer with those engraved in the background. From a frontal view, this is an easy task, but when viewed from other angles, the display can appear quite cryptic. There is also an animation option for those who really want to confuse their friends.

One very desirable feature of this watch is customization on the fly. The “flipchips” that create the display background can be removed, flipped, or replaced. Once the decision for a watch has been made (black/white/metallic), the door is open to have fun with the different background colors and materials. Anything is possible, even translucent or transparent “flipchips”, as long as the engraved segments can be seen. You could even go out to a club with a glow-in-the-dark flipchip!

The case of the watch has a trapezoid cross section with the center part hollow and the adjacent parts providing enough space for necessary technology.

This watch will appeal to anyone who likes puzzles or appreciates the ability to change the look of their watch on the fly. Bring on the mood swings!

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Heather Sable Samuel Jerichow MERGE LCD Watch Concept
Design by Heather Sable & Samuel Jerichow [via]


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