Phoenix Bamboo Car Concept by Kenneth Cobonpue


Phoenix Bamboo Car Concept
Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue as well as german product developer albercht birkner explore the cable connections between technology as well as nature in the ‘phoenix’ bamboo bed sheets concept car. within 10 days, craftsman as well as weavers handmade the automobile via bamboo, rattan, metal and nylon. The sort of the outer shell mimics the structure of a leaf, by using a single spine comparable to those found in backbone and plants. the outside shell is weaved starting at the front, proceeding to the rear, covering the interior which effortlessly forms the dashboards and seats as it continues backwards. the two components are connected within the tail of the vehicle, creating the ‘stem’. Phoenix, az does not only concentrate on the form, but also the idea of a car being large and industrial. the actual biodegradable materials obstacle the notion of lustrous, long lasting materials throughout vehicular design. it appears at the option of reasonably and ecologically exchanging the shell in the event that need be while maintaing a similar inner construct. the particular proposal introduces dynamics and craftsmanship directly into automotive technology.
Design Phoenix Bamboo Car

Kenneth Cobonpue Phoenix Bamboo Car Concept
Design by Kenneth Cobonpue


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