T02 Slide Cell Phone by Matthias Pugin

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T02 Slide Cell Phone
T02 Slide Cell Phone by Matthias Pugin – Usually, the slide-phones are designed in a way that they look closed when you see them very first and when they start, users can see a stride as well as the sliding floor on the backside from the upper portion. TO2 can be a marvelously designed slipping phone that looks just like a slide-phone when it is closed so when it is open, the step or the dropping surfaces can’t be seen about its backside, offering an impression that it’s intended as open. TO2 is designed in the black piano complete that gives it a classy seem. Moreover, the massive display and the distinctive keypad give it a modern day touch.
T02 Slide Cell Phone 2

T02 Slide Cell Phone 3
Design by Matthias Pugin


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