For Fishing Games Rescue and Patrol

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The KN-KAT 330 is a boat which can be used for fishing, recreation, Sport games, water rescue and water patrol. The KN-KAT 330 is really light for it’s size, it weights only 80 kg and it’s 330 cm long and 170 cm wide. The boat uses an outboard motor up to 30 HP and it can carry 3 people.

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The design and the material of the boat make it unsinkable. The KN-KAT 330 is made of fiber glass and aluminium profiles which are used to secure the platform and the bottom part. This makes the KN-KAT easy for transport and maintenance because it can be easily disassembled.

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The pictures that you will see are just prototypes of the product. I made them all by myself, nobody supported me with money. I think this product has a lot of potential in it.

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