Holistica ZGO Concept Vehicle by Eric Miller

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Holistica ZGO
ZGO is a new type of motorcycle driven through the concept of splitting counters. ZGO is engineered to be safer than a motorbike through external safety bags, the same impact attenuation method used by NASA. Furthermore, it is designed to be more fun than a Segway, because driver can switch from forward to laterally drive via circular modules. In this feeling, driving sideways would feel like riding a snowboard. The upper set up is assisted simply by servo-motors so as to not clog the rider with excessive weight, even though an actuating helmet can retract to prevent trouble for the rider’s head.
You can see another Holistica Concept, Holistica YOGO Concept.

Concept Holistica ZGO Eric Miller Holistica ZGO Design

Exhibition Holistica ZGO
Design by Eric Miller


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