MATRA e-MO+ Compact Scooter Concept by MATRA

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MATRA e MO+ Scooter
Matra e-Mo+ Scooter is the upgraded version of Matra e-Mo compact scooter. Matra took your challenge from our society to produce the scooter democratic. Riding this vehicle will drastically increase your purchasing power up to 80% and reduce your ecological footprint since it’s a free maintenance scooter that you can utilize without petrol or noise. Matra e-Mo+ functions a speed regarding 45km/h and an autonomy way up to 60km depending on the battery variety. The difference with the older Matra e-Mo (without plus), this vehicle has been designed for a more extensive employ without sacrificing the pleasure involving riding through its front disk, hydraulic fork, rear suspension with a double shock absorber, tubeless tires, custom developed handles and specific combination tools.

Scooter MATRA e MO+ Compact Scooter Stylish MATRA e MO+ Compact Scooter Concept e MO+ Compact Scooter Compact Scooter MATRA e MO+ Concept

Design MATRA e MO+ Compact Scooter
Design by MATRA


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