Multifunctional waste collection vehicle

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The project was born from the idea of combining different functions performed by municipal vehicles and their application into one multifunctional machine. Primary objectives of this particular kind of vehicles are cleaning and sweeping the alleys, disposal/segregation of waste, as well as pushing the snow off walkways during the winter.



re2 300x124However, the most important idea of the project is reflected by an innovative cab driver’s position. It is a half-sitting position (upright positioning). It aims to ensure a smooth entry and exit on both sides of the vehicle. This will facilitate and speed up the work and also relieve driver’s joints from frequent standing up and sitting down movements. Positioning the driver this way will allow the execution of work and self-control of the vehicle while simultaneously maintaining the high efficiency.


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The shape and the size of the vehicle was designed in a specific way that aims to ensure both comfortable movement on the parks’ alleys as well as proper capacity of the containers.X3 300x158


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The vehicle is versatile, therefore is able to self-sufficiently perform most of the waste collection work in the green areas of the city. It is provided with coupled equipment, which enables the execution of broad variety of work. Containers are exchangeable, have different capacity, which means they can be freely arranged, depending on the work performed during the given period. They can be easily replaced, emptied and cleaned.
The vehicle is powered by an environmentally friendly electric drive. Electric propulsion was implemented in order to fit into the idea of a quiet green space. The panel has three possible position adjustments. It allows anyone, regardless of their height to adjust it to individual needs.


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