ROMO Smartphone Robot Concept by Romotive

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On February 19, 2018
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Romo Robot
ROMO Smartphone Robot Concept by Romotive

Peter Seid & Phu Nguyen says:
Growing up, we were infatuated with robots from TV and movies. We wanted robots that we could play with and command. So we spent our allowances on all things robot; from components, to kits, to fully assembled machines. But still, none of them had laser beams on their heads. Now we’re grown up (sort of), and you still can’t buy the robots we spent our childhoods dreaming about.
So we decided to do something about it. We intend to make the robots we always wanted ourselves. And with your help–we will.

2012 Romo Smartphone Robot Design Romo Smartphone Robot Concept Futuristic Romo Smartphone Robot Peter Seid Phu Nguyen

Romotive Romo Smartphone Robot Concept
Design by Romotive (Peter Seid & Phu Nguyen)


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