Smart Stand Sleeve iPad Cover Concept

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Smart Stand Sleeve iPad Cover
As a proud iPad owner, I am disappointed in order to say I have yet to find a new cover that I really love. I’m a purist in heart, so I like for you to hold the bare iPad & really feel the aluminum back & overall thinness. The actual Smart Stand Sleeve is probably the closest thing I’ll uncover to what I want. It uses a good ingenious folding technique & magnets to transform the actual case from a soft, protecting sleeve straight into an angled stand for doing work or watching videos.

Smart Stand Sleeve iPad Cover Kim Jung Sik iPad Cover Smart Stand Sleeve Design

Sleeve Smart Stand Apple iPad Cover Koo Bon Young
Design by Kim Jung Sik, Cho Jae Hong, Lim Sung Won, Koo Bon Young, Lee Bum Joon & Shin Jung Won


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