Spatial Flashcards Education Toy Concept by Lee Woojin

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On February 17, 2018
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Spatial Flashcards Education Toy Concept
Spatial Flashcards Education Toy Concept by Lee Woojin is the augmented interactive learning tool for kids, which helps them develop their spatial awareness. A new virtual space delivers a good ‘extended’ space and also stimulates their imagination, creativity, and also thinking by permitting them to be able to experience seem, image, space, as well as representations of the planet.

red dot award Spatial Flashcards Education Toy Concept Lee Woojin
Spatial Flashcards incorporate a few themes – circle/sphere, square/cube, and triangle/pyramid. They’re basic graphic elements that children generally learn from an early age. These graphic factors create spaces which are overlaid with a real room to create the illusion of an extended room. This immersive experience offers appear, images, and ‘the world’ like a whole. This opportunity to explore fundamental shapes, colours, and terms offers a new form of learning by means of play. Participants engage and interact via Nintendo Wii. Via the Wii remote control, the images around the screen are drawn in the perspective of the participant. The particular user’s manipulation of the Wii controller makes your virtual 3D objects appear to get stationary or floating inside extended space.
Design by Lee Woojin for red dot award


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